1) Strength train with a large volume (30 to 45 sets per workout) and short rest periods (10 to 60 seconds) to produce more lactic acid buildup and greater growth hormone response.
2) Use a hypertrophy-type protocol (8 to 12 reps, more than 3 sets, 70 to 85 percent of the 1RM load).
3) Do modified strongman training at least once a week: Build muscle and lower body strength, while elevating growth hormone to enhance fat burning.
4) Work hard but smart by manipulating rest, sets, reps & tempo: For example, 6 X 6 squats with 60 seconds rest and 12 X 3 squats with 25 seconds rest produce equal metabolic cost. 
5) Do sprint intervals for conditioning. For example, six 200-meter track sprints, 4 minutes rest, or 60 cycle sprints of 8 seconds each, 12 seconds rest. 
6) Do conditioning outside rather than on electric powered machines—the “dirty” electricity raises cortisol and alters energy use by messing with insulin sensitivity. 
7) Improve your mental outlook and commitment to excellence…
8) Lose belly fat with total body training and sprints—avoid “15-minute ab” programs. 
9) Always eat breakfast and opt for a high-protein, low-glycemic meal. Try the Poliquin™ Meat and Nuts Breakfast. 
10) Don’t train on an empty stomach—this lowers the body’s use of fat for fuel and results in less calorie burn during recovery (excess post-exercise oxygen use). 
11) Eliminate all processed foods from your diet—don’t eat them ever. 
12) Don’t avoid fat—just be sure to eat smart fats such as those found in fish, wild meats, coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, and nuts. 
13) Eat a high-quality, high-protein diet to increase resting metabolic rate and the amount of energy required to digest food. 
14) Take leucine-enriched branched-chain amino acids to lose more visceral belly fat, while promoting muscle building and a high level of performance. 
15) Support insulin sensitivity: Take omega-3 fats to make your cells receptive to insulin, eat less than 120 g of carbs a day only from low-glycemic sources. 
16) Consider eliminating gluten, wheat, and grains to support insulin health and lose belly fat. 
17) Make sure your vitamin D level is over 40 ng/ml—take vitamin D if not. Low D status is linked to belly fat gain even in young, healthy subjects. 
18) Ensure you get adequate fiber—shoot for at least 25 grams a day. Low fiber intake leads to poorer insulin health and more belly fat gain.
19) Eat seeds, especially flax seeds, because they promote elimination of chemical estrogens and will decrease belly fat gain even when eating a high-fat, high fructose diet. 
20) Ensure you have a healthy gut—compromised gastrointestinal health directly leads to elevated cortisol and belly fat gain. 
21) Take a probiotic to support gut health and ensure you have adequate stomach acid—read the HCL Acid Test to learn more. 
22) Limit fructose in the diet to only fruit sources. Eliminate all fructose corn syrup. 
23) Get adequate sleep and if rest is a problem, opt for an early-to-bed, early-to-rise sleep schedule because this has been linked to better body comp. 
24) Use a grateful log to lower cortisol. Here’s how I do it. 
25) Reduce stress: do yoga, do a martial arts, go for a walk, perform mental imagery, get a counselor or coach, do meditation, do whatever works. 
26) Drink at least 3 liters of water a day to stay hydrated and detox the body. 
27) Eliminate alcohol, juice, soda, and sports drinks. Stick to water, tea, and coffee. 
28) Eliminate ALL sugar and all sweeteners—cane sugar, agave, maple syrup—all of it. 
29) Take 500 mg of magnesium to calm the body and decrease cortisol. 
30) Eat antioxidant-rich foods like berries, dark chocolate, leafy greens, and olive oil to prevent inflammation.

Thanks to the Poliquin Group for these tips, I have been doing my best to follow these healthy habits personally and now sit at sub 7% Body Fat (see image below).



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