The offset TRX training row is an exercise we have been experimenting with over the last few weeks after seeing SOS trainer James McCarthy using it with a 1:1 client.

We are huge fans of this exercise and it’s getting featured more and more within clients training programs for certain phases.

Off-set training is another word for asymmetrical loading where the resistance is different in each side of the body. So simply think about it as making it more challenging for one side of the body.

Here’s why we are fans of offset training and this particular exercise:

  • Unilateral Training is fantastic for fixing muscular imbalances between left and right side and offset training is another form of training that compliments typical unilateral work.
  • These imbalances could be in the form of disproportionate strength or increased muscle mass.
  • Lots of my clients are sat down all day, so in these cases it makes sense to get them standing up when they train – standing requires more energy expenditure than sitting
  • Most of the exercises we do in the gym are bilateral and after several months of different variations of bilateral exercises a new exercise provides new stimulus and increased enjoyment which can often lead to increased adherence and ultimately better long term consistency and results.
  • Increased Core Strength is a result of offset training particulate with the features exercise. Your abdominals have to work over time to restrict rotation from the row and load of the kettlebell. This is therefore an anti-rotation movement that will have your obliques on fire.

When applied correctly offset training can have huge benefits; increased muscle mass on less developed body parts, correcting disproportionate strength, increasing core strength and midline stability, improving training adherence and enjoyment.

To get the most out of offset training perform it as an accessory exercise within your program initially and start with small differences between loads.

As you become more advanced you can increase the offset loading to increase demand on the body and nervous system.

Big thanks to SOS Member Susie Bowles for the expert demonstration.

Susie was in early rocking her training as normal – her journey so far had meant she’s lost 5 stone and continues on strongly.

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