Final check in today for successful business man Tariq after his 8 week transformation with us at SOS Athletic Excellence!

Tariq contacted us and wanted a very specific training program and outcome in just 8 weeks.

Tariq doubted his ability to achieve success.

He was:

– Bored of modern day training.

– Frustrated with his lack of time due to busy family life with 5 young children

– Unsure if he could juggle training with hissuccessful business that needed managing

He also wanted a transformation which involved the type of training he enjoyed.

Tariq is a huge fan of Strongman Training.

So we designed a program that included elements of Modified Strongman Training every session.

Tyre flips, Hammer Work, Yolk Carries, Prowler Pushes, Sled Drags and Atlas Stone drills.

The outcome was a very motivated client who was loving his workouts.

We changed his training program every 2-3 weeks to keep it varied and Tariq constantly challenged.

Body fat down from 20.2% to 14.4% in just 8 weeks is a phenomenal achievement.

We look forward to helping Tariq achieve more success after his family holiday to South Africa, when he joins our 6.00 am Body Transformation Group.

Well done Tariq we are proud of your success!



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