The offset TRX training row is an exercise we have been experimenting with over the last few weeks after seeing SOS trainer James McCarthy using it with a 1:1 client.

We are huge fans of this exercise and it’s getting featured more and more within clients training programs for...


It’s time to build our legs!

Which exercise shall we use?

Hack Squat or Leg Press?

Both exercises do their job extremely well at targeting the legs via completely different mechanisms.

If you’re targeting hypertrophy both the leg press and Hack Squat will...


Knowing your body composition as opposed to simply monitoring your weight provides key data to help fast track success.

The InBody 770 is the most advanced product in the market, trusted by top hospitals, gyms and professional sports teams because of its precision and ease of use, ...


Wave loading involves progressively building up to lifting heavier weights- heavier than you currently lift, even - in "waves" of 3 sets each, eventually peaking with a final wave above your current max

Charles Poliquin defines the protocol as "a ramping system used to...


The Zottman Curl was bamed after George Zottman, who was a strongman from Philadelphia in the early 1900’s.

The method of performing a Zottman Curl is the combination of two steps: 

1. the first being a standard standing dumbbell curl (not a hammer curl) with palms...


At SOS Athletic Excellence we used tried, tested and proven methods to maximise the results of our clients.

During our Transformation groups sessions, which we offer 15 x sessions a week it's these tested systems we use to enhance hypertrophy and fat loss for our members. ...


Big shout out to Dave Flynn, whose results this year have been nothing short of exceptional.

Dave emulates everything we deliver at SOS with a focus on embracing long term health and embarking on a fitness journey that allows you to be consistent.

When Dave initially started with...


Over the next 5 days I'm gonna focus my posts around developing your abs.

Now what most people don't realise is that The Best Ab Exercises are Deadlifts, Squats, Chins & Olympic Lift variations - YES, those bicycle crunches you do are probably a waste of time!

Once you...


Lots of woman these days seem to want to target their Booty, but are unsure about the best approach.

Many girls spend their whole time doing ineffective exercises and don't use enough load cause muscular breakdown and hypertrophy in this targeted area.

A firm behind like mine...


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