SOS Athletic Excellence have become renowned for our successful group training. We run  15 Sweat on Sweat sessions per week at our Cardiff gym facility located on Lakeview Business Park, Lamby Way.
These sessions are for everyone. Our coaches are highly experienced and can modify all exercises to suit beginners and more advanced participants.
The times of the bootcamp sessions can be seen below
Monday6.00 am10.00 am   6.00 pm
Tuesday               6.00 pm
Wednesday6.00 am10.00 am   6.00pm
Thursday     6.00 pm
Friday6.00 am10.00 am   5.00 pm
Saturday 9.00 am    
Sunday 10:00 am    

Sweat on Sweat is a high calorie burning, functional and very metabolically challenging group training experience.  

The objective of these sessions is simple - to maximise calorie expenditure and as the old saying goes - to SWEAT IT OUT

The nature of these sessions make it perfect for people wanting to lose weight, improve fitness levels and increase sporting performance.  

Using the newest equipment on the market such as Assault Bikes, Ski Ergs, Concept 2 Rowers and soon to be purchased Watt Bikes and Curved Treadmills along with resistance based freestyle kit of prowlers, sleds, TRX suspension trainers / RIP Trainers, sand ropes, gymnastic rings, medicine balls, battle ropes, kettlebells, ViPRs and of Body weight exercises this is a training experience you won't ever forget.


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