Sleep is a very important factor as your body releases high amounts of growth hormone during deep sleep, which assists you in fat loss and recovery from training.

Try taking 400mg of magnesium before bed and you will see a marked improvement in your sleep. There are many other benefits to taking magnesium. These include:

 Improving Brain Function to combat Fight Depression

Magnesium is essential for a great memory.

Supplementing with magnesium has been shown to increase brain function by improving brain electrical activity, meaning elevated learning and memory functions. This has implications for depression and a chronic low mood as well. Magnesium plays a major role in neurotransmitter release, which affects the discharge of brain chemicals such as serotonin that makes you feel good.

Research from MIT has shown that magnesium regulates a key receptor in the brain that supports memory and learning. Adequate magnesium content in the cerebrospinal fluid is essential for maintaining the plasticity of synapses. Further, magnesium is necessary for the proper activity of many enzymes within brain cells that control cellular and memory functions.

Raising Testosterone Levels to Build Muscle

Magnesium is necessary for energy metabolism and physical performance and new research shows that taking it increases testosterone levels. A 2011 study tested a group of sedentary men who received 10 mg of magnesium per kilogram of body weight a day (Group 1), a group of male tae kwon do athletes taking the same magnesium protocol daily (Group 2), and a group of tae kwon do athletes who did not take magnesium (Group 3). Group 2 had the greatest increases in testosterone levels after tae kwon do practice, followed by Group 3, while Group 1 had the lowest levels (no practice or exercise), indicating that magnesium supplementation raises testosterone levels when combined with exercise. This suggests that adequate magnesium in the body not only increase testosterone when training but also has a performance-enhancing effect. So If you’re not taking magnesium you’re missing out on the greatest testosterone response and leaving muscle gains on the table.  I hope these tips help and you can take your results to the next level.



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