SOS Athletic Excellence is a fantastic Cardiff gym. The facility located on Lakeside Business Park. Lamby Way, Cardiff, CF3 2EQ. The 3,000 square foot facility opened in November 2013 and has become extremely popular.

The focus at 'SOS Athletic Excellence' is results. The gym layout, the kit at the facility and the trainers are all geared towards making the members better. There are 10 Personal Trainers in the facility who are all focused on helping the members with their training, nutrition and lifestyle to maximise their success. The facility in action can be seen below:

The equiptment at the facility includes:

- Multipurpose Rig

- Olympic Lifting Platforms

- Dumbbell Rack (2.5 kg - 40 kg) and Benches

- Kettlebells (2 kg - 40 kg)

- 10 Olympic Barbells and Bumper Plates

- Trx, Gymnastic Rings and various suspension systems

- ViPRs

- Medicine Balls

- Full Set of Power Clubs

- Concept 2 Rowers

- Spin Bike


Class Timetable


6.30 am: SOS Bootcamp (Bex)

10 am: SOS Bootcamp: (Sam)

5 pm: Core Meltdown (Candice)

5.30 pm: Body Combat (Lisa)

6.30 pm: SOS Bootcamp (Sam)

7.30 pm: Female Only Functional Fitness (James)



12.30 pm: SOS Bootcamp (Sam)

5.30 pm: Kickboxing (Pete)

6.30 pm: Female Only Functional Fitness (James)

7.30 pm: Female Only Functional Fitness (James)



6.30 am: SOS Bootcamp

9.30 am: Mobility Class

5 pm: Core Meltdown (Candice)

5.30 pm: Metabolic Mayhem (Alun)

6.30 pm: SOS Bootcamp (Bex)



12.30 pm: SOS Bootcamp (Kasey)

5 pm: Metabolic Mayhem (Bex)

5.30 pm: Sexy Slim Club (James)

6.30 pm: Female Only Functional Fitness (James)

7.30 pm: Female Only Functional Fitness (James)



6.30 am: SOS Bootcamp (Sam)

5.00 pm: Class Launching Soon

6.00 pm: SOS Bootcamp (Kasey)



9 am: SOS Bootcamp (Bex)

9.30 am: Female Only Functional Fitness (James)



8 am: Virtual Workout (Sam / Kasey)

9.30 am: Core Meltdown (Sam / Kasey)

10.15 am: Running Club (Matt)


The membership rates for 'SOS Athletic Excellence' are very affordable. Check them out here:

Gym Membership including all Classes (not including SOS Bootcamp) - £39.99

Unlimited SOS Bootcamp (not including Gym Membership) - £49.99

Gym Membership Including SOS Bootcamp - £74.99

(All Members receive a 1:1 Personal Training session when they join our program and a 45 minute sports massage with MG Sports Therapy)


Download the SOS Athletic Excellence app to view classes and book on the go.