We don’t just ‘talk the talk’. We’ve been proudly helping people from all walks of life improve their health, fitness and body composition for the past 9 years.

Charlie Roe

“I love to work out out but didn’t know how to maximise the results. The SOS team soon got me on the right track and after the SOS 21 Day Fat Loss Plan was in the shape of my life.”

Llion griffiths

“I have been training with SOS Athletic Excellence for over 3 years and have improved consistently and sustainably. I don’t recognise the old me in photographs any more.”

dwayne dyer

“Dwayne got lean training with SOS trainer Gavin Attorre while on a knee rehabilitation program following an ACL injury. 4 personal training sessions a week drastically changed his body shape and rehabilitated his knee.”

louise fowler

“With the help of SOS I lost over 5 stone in 8 months. I achieved this with a combination of personal training, bootcamps and nutrition guidance.”


“Here are Matthews results after a 12 week SOS Transformation”


“Here are Richards results from 6 months of online coaching.”


“Steve has been training with SOS for over 12 months and has lost over 12% body fat in the process”


“Tim trained with SOS personal trainer Alun Edwards and lost a lot of body fat and added lean muscle over a 12 week period.”


“Evan completed a 12 week transformation with SOS in 2012 and his results were very impressive dropping in excess of 16% body fat in that time period.”


“Mike trained with SOS three times a a weeK for 12 weeks and got lean. He now maintains his progress with 3 x 45 minute sessions a week with personal trainer Matthew.”


“James stacked on over 9 kg of lean muscle in just 12 weeks of training with SOS. His body fat dropped in excess of 15%.”


“In just 21 days with SOS I had remarkable results with their online fat loss plan”


“In just 21 days with SOS, Sarah lost 6 inches from her stomach and 13 lbs”


“From skinny with flab to super lean and super toned. All of this in just 6 weeks!”


“Nicola lost 4 stone with the help of SOS online coaching”


“Mark dropped 10% body fat training with SOS trainer Gavin Attorre”

Dan Ruff

“Daniel was a beginner to exercise and in just 7 weeks of 4 x Personal Training sessions a week, dropped 10.8% body fat and added 9.2 kg of lean mass according to his BioPrint”

Sarah Jeffrey

“Sarah has been with SOS Athletic Excellence for over 3 years and enjoys regular personal training sessions. She has drastically improved her strength and running speed while dropping the stomach fat after 2 children.”

Justyna Shakesheff

“Justyna has been doing SOS Bootcamps for over 3 years and over that time has completely changed her body shape, outlook on exercise and mentality”

Samantha Ling

“Samantha has been doing a combination of bootcamps, BioPrint and Personal training. She has lost 6 stone in 8 months of training at SOS Athletic Excellence.”

Rebecca Jones

“Rebecca has been consistently attending the SOS Bootcamps 3-4 times a week for the past 12 months. She is almost unrecognisable to her previous self.”

Jason Thomas

“Busy business man Jason got in shape with SOS by training 3 x a week with our personal training team”

Johanna O’Brien

“In 12 weeks of training with SOS Athletic Excellence we helped Johanna drop two stone and get in shape to complete the Cardiff Half Marathon”


“SOS Director Sam recently went on a 10 day intensive course to the USA. Take a look of the results of the advanced strength training techniques for only 10 days. This transformation did involve twenty sessions in ten days.”

Leigh De-Vulght

“We helped leigh get in shape for the upcoming football season with our online coaching program.”

Teresa Vokes

“Teresa lost over 10% body fat with a combination of online coaching and SOS Bootcamps.”

Lisa Jane Ellis

“Lisa started off with the SOS 21 Day Fat Loss plan and soon started participating in SOS Bootcamps. She also had personal training with SOS trainer Rogan. These photos are progress in just 3 weeks.”

Samantha Ling

“Samantha has lost 6 stone since she began with SOS Athletic Excellence in February 2015.”

Zoe Carter

“Zoe lost over 14 stone with the help of SOS Athletic Excellence in just 18 months of training with us.”

Darryl Carter

“Darryl lost 10 stone in less than 12 months training with SOS Athletic Excellence Personal Training team.”

Natalie Gauci

“Natalie has gone from an unhealthy woman lacking in confidence to a lean and tight fitnes enthusiast. She has lost over 13% body fat with a combination of personal training and SOS Bootcamps.”

Andrea Bradley McLelland

“Andrea had been having personal training previously, but was left frustrated with her lack of results. She came to SOS and we helped her get exactly where she wanted to be.”

Jav Vieira

“Jav enrolled on the SOS 21 day fat loss plan and lost over a stone in 21 days. He then progressed onto bootcamps and within 5 weeks made this transformation.”

Nikki Burnett

“We successfully helped Nikki Burnett lose over 30 kg with our personal training service. Nikki had 2 sessions a week for a 6 month period.”

Stacey Sweet

“Stacey came to SOS after being referred to us by a close friend. Stacey had a goal of competing in the Miss Galaxy Universe finals. With the help of personal trainers Gavin and Sam Stacey succeeded by achieving the best new comer to the competition and 3rd place overall.”

Alun Edwards

“Alun got into photo shoot shape in less than six weeks with the help of SOS Personal trainer Gavin Attorre. Alun is a trainer at our facility, but even trainers need a coach. This transformation shows the benefits.”

James Roberts

“James came to us 6 weeks before his honeymoon for a BioSignature assessment. This led onto program design for James and the occassional 1:1 personal training session. Within 6 weeks of coaching his abs were the best they’ve ever been.”

Penny Jones

“Penny lost over three stone in weight by training with SOS Director Gavin Attorre. Penny had two personal training sessions a week working around a few injuries and still managed to succeed in dropping body fat and gaining strength.”

Ruth Cronin

“Ruth had fantastic success on the SOS online 28 day fat loss plan.”

Mirriam Durpee

“Mirriam lost 8 inches from 3 stomach sites in just 28 days as an online client of SOS Athletic Excellence.”

Susie Bowles

“Susie lost 36 lbs in 4 months with the help of SOS. Susie had two personal training sessions a week with Garry and attended 2-3 bootcamp sessions.”

Michelle Henke Foxall

“Michelle lost 1.5 stone and went from a size 16 dress to a size 10 within 4 months of joining SOS. Michelle had not been in a size 10 dress for eleven years prior to joining our facility.”

David Jones

“Dave has been training with SOS trainer James McCarthy and has lost an incredible ammount of body fat while increasing his strength and conditioning for karate.”

Emma Ross

“Emma Ross lost 3 stone and 3 lbs training at SOS Athletic Excelllence in 6 months with our highly effective group sessions.”

Matt Owen

“Matt is almost unrecognisable after regular attendance of the SOS Body Transformation Group sessions.”

Tariq Williams

“We helped business man Tariq drop 5.5% body fat in just 8 weeks to get in shape for his family holiday to South Africa.”

Lisa Forey

“Lisa Forey went from a size 20 to a size 10 and conquered a life time goal of being a ble to do a body weight chin up for multiple repetitions.”

Jemma Ajax

“Jemma lost 3 stone within 5 months of her membership and transformed her body shape.”

Jamie Bartlett

“We helped jamie drop from 25% bidy fat to 7%.”

David Evans

“David has lost over 15% body fat since he joined SOS Athletic Excellence.”

Liz Rossiter

“Liz lost 17 kg of fat mass in her first 6 months at SOS Athletic Excellence with our Semi Private Personal Training.”

Chris Thomas

“Chris Thomas lost 20 kg in his first 6 months of Semi Private Personal Training at our facility in Cardiff.”



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