During the SOS Transformation Day the team will take you through the fundamentals of fat loss.

The day will involve; three workouts and two seminars.

We will go into detail so you will have clarity on exactly what you need  to do to succeed. We will also teach you a greater level of understanding about htis process.

Despite common myths it is possible to drink alcohol, eat indulgent foods, party and have fun and still make PROGRESS.

On our next Transformation weekend on Sunday July 7th we will personally teach you how to SUCCEED  and stillhave FUN.

Over the weekend the SOS team will teach you:

* How you can eat your favoutite foods and not gain body fat

* You will leave with a personalised plan that we will work on together so that you can go out and have the time of your life and not jeopardise your progress.

(Imagine leaving the transformation weekend with CONFIDENCE and CLARITY on what you need to do in order to enjoy every social occasion and still look and feel your best)

* How to construct short and very effective workouts to MAXIMISE fat loss in just 25 minutes (for those occasions where you're shorton time)

* How fat loss actually happens - Understanding that fat loss is ultimately about calories / energy balance. This will allow you to factor in foods you enjoy and adopt a flexible eating plan.

* Why aiming to eat clean NEVER works during certain months (BBC season and December) and how you're setting yourself up to fail if you don't change your approach

That's just a few things we will cover on this feature day.

These days sell out fast, so get yourserlf booked on to avoid disapointment.



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