Having a personal trainer is not something solely for the rich and famous. Personal Training is the most time efficient, safe and effective way of getting in shape. At SOS Athletic Excellence we will:

  • Set goals and ensure we progress towards these goals every week
  • Pursue your goals with a training program you enjoy and are comfortable with
  • Ensure you learn how to train effectively
  • Tailor sessions specifically to your needs and wants
  • Make sure you understand the Nutrition. Food is critical in fuelling your body and reaching your goals.

 Personal training is an affordable service for everyone. Personal Training is an investment into your health and is far cheaper than a night out, a designer t-shirt or a few DVD’s.

Having Personal Training with SOS Athletic Excellence will actually save you Money and Gets you Results like these.

It is surprising how much money you will save by having an experienced Personal Trainer. The SOS programme ensures you eat more sensibly with a diet that is designed for you. Making a conscious effort to prepare your own food saves hundreds of pounds a year alone. This accompanied with less sick days off work, due to the increase in your metabolism and the body being able to fight off anti-toxins. Research has also shown that exercise increases awareness and the brains ability to function, so give yourself the best opportunity of hitting your targets/bonuses at work by getting a personal trainer today!
As well as saving you money, I guarantee that I will increase your self confidence, strength, decrease levels of body fat and combat any cholesterol problems you have....the list is endless, as to what we can achieve. If you haven’t considered getting a Cardiff Personal Trainer yet, you should.
To Apply for one the SOS Personal Training Packages, please call 07789 908 704 or drop us an E-mail via The Contact Page.



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