Sam O’Sullivan is one of the UK’s most in-demand trainers and was voted the Best Personal Trainer in the Country at the 2016 UK Fitness Awards.

Boasting extensive knowledge of nutrition and first-hand experience in athletic training, he is known for his no-nonsense and integrative approach to helping his clients achieve rapid health and fitness goals, whethet they are fat loss, muscle building or athletic performance.

Sam has an athletic background representing Wales as a school boy in football. He has enjoyed a successful football career, playing for many semi professional football teams

in England and Wales. He has also competed in many fitness challenges and in 2010 came second in the Fit Brit challenge. He also successfully climbed Killimanjaro in 2010.

Sam still trains hard, firstly because it is his passion, but also because he believes that strength coaches and personal trainers should practice what they preach.

Over the course of Sam’s career he has coached national and international athletes in football and athletics.

Sams main role these days, with the benefit of a fantastic personal training team around him is to develop systems to ensure consistent annual growth and profitability. Sam now works very closely with staff and franchise owners to ensure they develop from successful coaches to successful business owner.

Sam holds formal qualifications with a sports coaching degree and a diploma in functional therapy. He also boasts an impressive array of additional certifications. He has attended the BioSignature Certifications over half

a dozen times and is regarded as a Poliquin Kinetic Chain Expert, having studied under the tuition of Charles Poliquin. Sam has attended the Poliquin International Certification Coaches Program on Level 1,2,3 and 4.

Sam is currently one of only two ‘Strength Sensai’ recognised coaches in the whole of Wales - the other being fellow SOS Director Rebecca Edwards.

Sam has in fact taken the full Poliquin Kinetic Chain course twice and has taken and re-certified BioPrint five times in total.

These diverse set of skills and commitment to learning allows him to engage with clients from a multi- disciplinary approach. This background has lead to him becoming a seasoned educator of personal trainers within SOS Athletic Excellence.

Sam is also an accomplished blogger and enjoys sending out daily emails, educating the SOS subscribers about a variety of topics from training, recipes, mindset and nutrition.

Sam has also been featured in Men’s Fitness magazine and Mens Health.


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