Each and every year, thousands of fitness professionals join the fitness industry. Most of them drop out in less than a year or two—and often just a few months.

They entered in to a profession they thought would be easy. Let's face it though, it's far from easy. Passion, grit and staying ahead of the game is what keeps people fighting through the competitve fitness world but the reality is that most just can't quite cut it. 

Anybody can call themselves a trainer. It doesn’t take much to open up a gym or start a bootcamp. What does require a lot of dedication is working your way through all the dozens and dozens of nuances, techniques and business development factors that separate elite coaches from the rest of a really very average crowd. 

You though, the person reading this, is the trainer  who got into the industry for the right reasons and will truly become great at what you do. You are the person we want to work with.

We want you to come and discover how you can remain at the forefront of the field.

How much more quickly would you like to be able to progress as a coach?

How much faster would your clients see results or your athletes improve?

How valuable would marketing and client retention coaching be to your business?

These are the exact things our mentorship programme will teach you. 

Our SOS mentorship programmes will give you the opportunity to experience first hand how we work.

You will be given the opportunity to tell us what YOU want to learn about as well learn how we tackle the intricacies of programme design, nutritional coaching, day to day gym operations, social media and marketing and  enahcing member experience and retention. 

We will delve deep into areas that you want to know about and provide you with a wealth of knowledge from our Elite Coaching team. We will work closely with to develop both practical and theoretical skills, as well as business coaching. 

As a business, we have been operating from almost 7 years, we have made plenty mistakes along the way and undergone extensive eductation and professional and personal development. We want to share it all with you. 

Our goal is to influence and develop fellow fit pro's to be the very best in the business and to send you away armed with all the tools to stand out from a saturated and sometimes nonsense industry. 

Our Mission Statement

At SOS Athletic Excellence we are passionate about helping our clients achieve the greatest possible success. In an industry where mediocrity has become the norm, we provide a service where excellent customer service, satisfaction and results are regarded as standard. It is our objective to take you on your own personal journey to achieving your own version of excellence.

For coaches, we want to improve the world of fitness by sharing our knowledge with fellow professionals.  We want our attendees to go on to be leaders in the industry and offer the very best and carry our mission statement forward. To prepare you to stand out in the field of personal training, exercise coaching and gym management.

How it works

Over 1, 2 or 5 days we will cover everything you feel you need as a coach wanting to develop in the fitness world. We will stucture the entire schedule around you. If you're not quite sure what you'd like to cover, we can help you decide too. We have a wealth of information and expertise ready for take away and start using. 

Whats included

Workshops designed around what you want to learn

1 month online support after completion 

Before you apply

A positive attitude and strong work ethic are absolutley essential.  In addition  to this you must have the following:

  • Solid social skills
  • Be a product of the product
  • A passion for the industry (experience preferred, but not essential)
  • Feel comfortable delivering group training sessions and or being a part of group work / role play
  • A level 3 in Personal Training
  • An openness to share and learn



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