Big shout out to Dave Flynn, whose results this year have been nothing short of exceptional.

Dave emulates everything we deliver at SOS with a focus on embracing long term health and embarking on a fitness journey that allows you to be consistent.

When Dave initially started with SOS he had chronic knee pain and struggled to squat with just his body weight,

Now Dave is crushing barbell back squats taking over 100kg for consistent sets of 6-8 reps.

The video below shows Dave squatting 140 kg with a specialist Squat called the ‘Inertia Squat’ in one of our Transformation sessions which is our signature program.

This Inertia squat develops extreme confidence under the bar.

One of the most common things we’ve noticed over the years with our general population members is that they get to a heavy weight on squats and form can break down.

Getting under the bar knowing that you are going to own that rep for only the top range of motion in an Inertia style squat develops confidence and consistency in your walk out and initial squat pattern.

Dave has gone from being unable to squat to being one of the stronger guys in the gym.

As if that’s not enough Dave has also lost over 12.5% body fat and nearly 2 stone.

He’s stronger, leaner, healthier and more confident both inside and outside of the gym.

It’s no secret at SOS we aren’t fans of rushing the process of adaptation.

Within 30 days you could achieve great results by training 2 x a day, cutting calories and rushing the process – but ultimately starting something that’s so difficult to maintain is only going to set you back further in your quest for optimal health, vitality and confidence.

Today, more than ever people are looking for that quick fix where in reality they should be looking for the safest, smartest and reliable approach to achieving their goals.

At SOS we deliver that service and we’ve already made vibrant changes for 2018 as we continue our commitment to excellence.



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