Squats are a main stay in all of our programs at SOS!

We periodise all of our training whether it’s Bootcamps, Body transformation sessions or 1:1 sessions and squats play a key role.

No matter what program you are on with us certain things will be constant, especially when it comes to squats.

What can you guarantee when you train at SOS?

1) We always squat full range!

Many people mistakenly still think that squatting full range is bad for the the knees and lower back.

However at SOS we understand that that deep squats should be a primary lift of a proper training program. They improve knee and lower back function by optimally training the entire lower body musculature.

So what if you can’t squat effectively?

At SOS we are fortunate to have some soft tissue experts. SOS director Sam O’Sullivan has done the Strength Sensei Kinetic Chain course multiple times and with some treatments can normally get clients squatting full range within a few sessions.

However if you donjt have access to a soft tissue expert, you still don’t have to let lack of flexibility keep you from squatting. All you have to do is simply modify your squats.

A simple solution is to elevate the heels, increasing the range-of-motion at the ankle. Do this by squatting with your heels on weight plates or on a wedge board like we have at SOS Athletic Excellence, which were made by Watson Gym Equipment

2) We do specific squat warm ups

Most gym goers don’t warm up effectively. Here is some advice to help you. Don’t warm-up by jogging on the treadmill or any other unspecific exercise.

The purpose of warming up is to increase blood flow to the working muscles, raise core temperature, and activate the central nervous system. At SOS we like to want to directly target the muscle groups we will be training with similar movement patterns.

3) We use a variety of squats

At SOS we focus every Monday in our Bootcamps on improving our members back squats. This has been the focus over the last 2-3 months with resounding success.

The squats we use vary from phase to phase and include:
– Back Squats
– Front Squats
– Jump Squats
– TRX Squats
– Romanian Rhythmic Squats
– Kettlebell Squat variations

We also alternate the rep schemes, sets, tempo and whether or not the heels are elevated from phase to phase to constantly challenge all of our members.

4) Our Members understand Tempo

Many trainees don’t even know what tempo is, let alone members. we take pride in educating our members on it’s importance.

If you simply grab weights raise and lower them without paying any attention to the speed of contraction – you’ll rarely get stronger, bigger, or leaner.

5) Our member know that squats don’t make you bulky

Contrary to popular belief, squats will not widen the hips. In fact, the squat works the gluteus maximus, which grows back, not out when it develops because neither the insertion nor origin of this muscle attaches at the hips.

Wide hips? No. A firm rounded booty? Yes.

So if you train at SOS it’s certain that squats will play a key role in your program and we value their importance.

If you’re interested in a facility that does things right, with no gimmicky bull sh*t and trainers with a passion to help you succeed – whatever your goals we would love to hear from you.



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