SOS Athletic Excellence have become renowned for it's successful personal training and Group Training service.
However SOS Athletic Excellence do offer a very high profile gym membership option.
If your sick to death of fighting for equipment at your local health club then becoming a gym member at SOS could be perfect for you. The facility is perfect for people who want to come in and train effectively. With 7 squat racks available there is never a shortage of space to lift in order to get results.
All members of SOS Athletic Excellence have the ability to have access to bespoke training programs created by our elite performance coaches for discounted rates.
Please be aware that our 'gym membership' is the cost of simply using the facility for your own training and does not give you access to our group raining services. This is an extra cost.
{We recommend the gym membership for people who would like access to the facility between 6.15 am - 5.30 pm, therefore avoiding our peak Bootcamp and Personal Training slots}.


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