Though their name sounds a bit intimidating, giant sets are great for people looking to burn extra body fat in a short amount of time.  I’ve always said that going to the gym is about quality of the workout and not quantity of time spent exercising – and giant sets hold my philosophy to task. 

A giant set really consists of four sets of four plus different exercises working the same muscle group.  The aim is to maximise volume in a muscle group and create a huge overload. You can tailor the giant set to whatever muscle group you’d like to work (i.e., back, legs, arms, etc.), and you can create any combination of four corresponding exercises. 

When performing a giant set, quickly move from exercise to exercise.  Your rest period should not exceed 10 seconds. It’s fast and will take you to place that will burn!! They are certainly not easy, in fact they can be excruciatingly painful!!  It may take a bit of adjusting to figure out how much resistance you should be using in each exercise, as you will certainly be fatigued from the previous exercises. Nonetheless, you’ll really need to push yourself!  Here is an example of a giant set for biceps. {

High Volume Bicep Workout Using Giant Sets

A)1) Barbell Curl: 3 x 6 reps 

A)2) 10-90 Degree Dumbbell Curl: 3 x 8-12

A)3) Lying Overhead Cable CurL: 3 x 8-12

A)4) Concentration Hammer Curl: 3 x 12-15

A)5) Reverse Curl: 3 x 12-15

A)6) Max Rep Assisted Chin Up 

{Take 4 minutes rest after giant set and perform 3 -5 giant sets}



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