Day 3 – 10/8/6 – Full Body – Home Workout Version

It is day 3 of 10/8/6 Home Workout Version. In this workout, we will be working on Full Body. Finish Strong!

Here is the summary of the workout:
A Series
A1) Press Up – Mechanical Advantage Drop Set
3010 Tempo
10/8/6 Repetitions
90 Seconds Rest

The following = 1 Set of Press Ups Clap Press Ups x 10 Reps
Press up to Shoulder Tap x Reps Incline Press Up x 6 Reps

B Series
B1) Good morning Banded
3010 Tempo
8-10 Reps
60 Seconds Rest

B2) Beast to Split Squat
Controlled and Fluent Tempo
8-10 Reps Each Side
60 Seconds Rest * Complete 4 Sets of B) Series

C Series
C1) Lateral Raise – Isometric – Banded
Hold x 20 – 30 Seconds
0 Seconds Rest

C2) Shoulder Press – Standing Banded
3010 Tempo
10 – 12 Reps
60 Seconds Rest

* Complete 3 Sets of C) Series

D) Conditioning: 5 Minute AMRAP
D1) Power Rows – Banded – Squat Stance
12 Reps each Side

D2) Backwards Lunge with Banded Lateral Resistance Overhead
8 Reps Each Side Alternating

* Every Minute on the MInute 3x Explosive Bounds and Backwards Shuffle

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