Here is an example of a Home Workout that has the focus of transforming your body shape, by laying down new lean muscle tissue.

We’re utilising a high volume method of Drop Sets with a 10/8/6 set up.

Why not give it a go and start your new year, a new goal with this workout

Come on …You got this 😉

Here is the summary of the workout:

A Series

A1) Press Ups – Banded
10/8/6 Drop Sets x 4 Sets
30X0 Tempo
90 Rest

A2) Bent Over Row – Banded
10 – 12 Reps
3010 Tempo
90 Rest

B Series
B1) Split Squat – Banded
10 – 12 Reps (each leg)
3010 Tempo
45 Rest

B2) Leg Curl – Stability Ball
Maximum Repetitions on the Strict Tempo
3030 TEmpo
45 Rest

*4 Sets of B) Series

C Series
C1) Tricep Press-downs – Banded
3×12 – 15 Reps
2011 Tempo
30 Rest

C2) Bicep Curls – Banded
3×12 – 15 Reps
2011 Tempo
30 Rest

D Series: Conditioning 5 Minute AMRAP with 5 sit-ups every minute on the minute
D1) Scapular Retraction Circles with Squat T3 Raise
10 Reps

D2) Jump Lunges
10 Reps (each leg)

*Perform Maximum rounds in 5 mins with 3 burpees every minute on the minute

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