In November 2015 SOS Athletic Excellence personal trainers Gavin Attorre and Sam O’Sullivan organised ‘Body Composition Week’ or as it became known amongst the members; ‘Hell Week’. This involved 10 workouts in 5 days with the objective of rapidly imroving ones body composition.

The week was structured around heavier weights with lower reps in the mornings. We used various training systems such as; 5×5 system, 6×3 system and wave loading. The evening sessions involved greater volume where we used german volume training, 6-12-25 system, giant sets and strongman training.

The week was a tremendous success with clients all improving their strength over the 5 day camp, adding lean muscle and dropping body fat. 

We tested body compositional changes using BioPrint. BioPrint is an individualised hormonal approach, based on over 35 years of empirical evidence and research by internationally renowned strength coach, Charles Poliquin. It is the most accurate way of measuring body fat without the use of a dexter scan. 

Due to the huge success we have launched further dates in January to run a similar camp. This will run on the 8th, 9th and 10th of January and will cost £215 for the 3 days or £290 to have 5 meals a day prepared for you and cooked by Bex (Naturopathic Nutritionist and SOS Director). All sessions will take place at our Cardiff Gym, located on Lamby Way.

In January we will also launch regular body composition classes. These will take place at our Cardiff Gym at the following times:

Monday: 4.30 pm + 7.30 pm

Tuesday: 4.30 pm + 7.30 pm

Thursday: 4.30 pm + 7.30 pm

Friday: 4.30 pm

Saturday: 10.00 am

All of the sessions will be taken by Poliquin P.I.C.P coaches.

We are very fortunate at SOS Athletic Excellence to soon have 3 x Poliquin Level 4 PICP coaches, 1 x Poliquin P.I.C.P. level 3 coach and 1 x Poliquin PICP level 2 coach. There are not many gyms I know in the world with a team of coaches so well educated. 

If your interested in the Body Composition weekend or the weekly sessions get in touch and we will be more than happy to arrange a complimentary onsultation at our Cardiff Gym facility. 



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