Workout of The Week - Scorcher Torture

This is a tough Metabolic Workout that will build athletic muscle, burn fat and boost your metabolism like no other. All the exercises in this routine are very challenging. Your body has little to no time to rest or catch a breath. The workout can be seen in the video and is also explained beneath.

The Workout

-  5 Kettlebell Bupee/Press Up/Press (20 kg KB's)
- 20 KB Swings (20 KG KB)
- 10 Press up to single arm frontal raise on rings
- 20 RBK Deck Box Jumps
- 20 Jumping Pull Ups
- 300 metre Run on Treadmill

Repeat the Circuit 5 times as fast as possible. I completed this in 22.17 at my first attempt.

How fast can you go?

Post your time to the comments section


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