Workout of the Week

Here is a Workout we performed at SOS Cardiff Bootcamp at the beginning of Summer 2012. It is a tough Metabolic Workout that will challenge several aspects of Fitness including; strength, power, agility and cardiovascular fitness. This is a personal favourite conditioning workout of mine for games players such as footballers. The use of exercises such as Box Jumps, Sprints and  Fast Feet Agility are games specific. The startlers and Kettlebell swings are great for core strength - A must for all athletes.

Here is the Workout:

- 20 Box Jumps

- 20 Startlers

-  20 Russian Swings (Male 24 kg, Female 16 kg)

- 20 Agility Disc Shuffles

- 400 metre Run

Repeat the Above x 4 Rounds as quick as possible

All of the above exercises can be seen in the video attached.


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