Workout 'Fordy'

This week we will see the return of the workout named after Bootcamp member Andrew Ford. The workout known as, 'Fordy' has not been performed at Bootcamp for over 6 months. We have all the Bootcampers' scores from the last time this workout was performed and they shall all be giving it a go again this week.

The workout is maximum rounds / laps in 18 minutes of 20 Over-Head Kettlebell Swings, 20 Hand-Release Press Ups and 12 Travelling Burpee Box Jumps. This is a short, but very intense session and is a great way to maximise the time you have available to workout. The best score to date is by  SOS bootcamper Richard Wakely completing just short of 10 rounds / laps in the 18 minute period.

The reason we call the workout 'Fordy', is that the first time this workout was performed Andrew Ford smashed in a incredible nine rounds. He then somehow, managed to end up in the storage box  (see photo) and it took three of us to get him out. He literally had no energy left to even move!!

Let's see this level of comittment from you all tomorrow!!

Anyone can try this workout, we would love to know how you get on.

Please let us know how many rounds / laps you manage by posting in the comments section.


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