TRX Shoulder Press

Want to Improve Core Strength?

Then Swap Your Standard Seated Shoulder Press for the TRX Shoulder Press

Why has it become a standard routine to perform all Shoulder Pressing exercises sitting down? Surely we spend enough of our day already ativities on our butts!! Your sitting down now right...proves my point exactly!!
We sleep for 7-9 hours a night, then get up before sitting down to eat breakfast, we then sit and drive to work before spending another 7-9 hours sitting at a desk, we then commute home (again sitting down), before getting home, eating tea and watching t.v....again whilst sitting down.
The average UK citizen actually spends only just over 30 minutes stood up each day!! Yet amazingly, when we go to the gym to exercise we sit down!!
Lets aim to improve posture by standing up during workouts. Swap the bike for the treadmill, the seated chest press for the swiss ball dumbell press and the seated shoulder press for the TRX shoulder press (see video). T
his will get your body out of that triple flexed position, strengthen your core, lengthen your hip flexors and burn more calories. It will also help relieve tension in over used muscles and reghain strength in the weaker muscles, leading to improved posture and less risk of injury.
So next time your at the gym swap the Seated Shoulder Press for the TRX Shoulder Press. This could be your first step to improved posture and atghletic performance.



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