Train like a gymnast to unleash your core


People often regard gymnastics as a girls sport. When I'm at the gym and using my gymnastic rings to train, I often get people staring and wondering what the hell I'm doing.  It's not until people get onto the rings they realise just how hard and challenging it is. It doesn't just stimulate ythe working muscles, but the whole body and the central nervous system.

I have seen men built with muscles on muscles unable to do a simple leg raise on the rings with out shaking like a sh**ing dog. Gymnastics is all about strength to weight ratio. Some people think a 140 kg Bench Press or a 200 kg Deadlift is impressive. If your 80 kg then sure, but if your 115 kg plus this is nothing to be proud of. For me its about the weight and force you can generate for your size. This is a much greater indicator of strength. This is where the rings are fantastic, simple exercises such as knee raises, leg raises, pree ups and dips are fantastic tests of strength. The majority of people are not even strong enough to hold themselves up on the rings without shaking.

Gymnastic ring training has eveolved with many new suspension training systems such as; TRX and War Machines. It is however the old fashioned rings which are used in many CrossFit boxes throughout the World for their variability, ease of use and the fact they can be used for literally hundreds of extremely challenging exercises.

I love using the rings for my own personal training becasue it makes my core and stomach muscles ache like no other type of training.

Check out how I use the Gymnastic Rings in my Personal Training business and incorporate other pieces of kit to increase the proprioception, core stability and strength to perform these exercises effectively.

If you own a set of rings or have access to them then try this simple and easy to follow workout. Its simple to understand, unfortunately it's not as easy to complete without resting as it is to understand:

- 1minute of  Ring Press Ups (Hands in rings)

- 1 minute of Left leg Bulgarian Squats (1 leg in ring, 1 leg on floor)

- 1 minute of Ring Dips

- 1 nminute of Right Leg Bulgarian Squats (1 leg in ring, 1 leg on floor)

- 1 minute of Gym Ring Jacknives

Rest for one minute and repeat the above x 3

SOS Personal Training offer gymnastic ring sessions from just £20 for ½ hour sessions. Trust me this is enough time to leave every muscle in your body aching for days!!





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