The Top 3 Exercises You Are Not Doing

These are no doubt the top three exercises that you are not currently doing as part of your gym routine. Start doing these exercises and watch your performance levels increase! Here are SOS Athletic Excellence owner Sam O'Sullivans top three exercises that you are currently not doing that will increase your performance and boost results.

1) Hex Bar Bulgarian Squats

Single leg strength exercises are often over looked for more traditional double leg exercises such as squats or deadlifts. Single leg strengthening exercises are critical for sports performance. Perform single leg training to strengthen muscles around the hip and knee and prevent knee pain or injury. Whether you suffer from occassional or chronic knee pain or are a competetive athlete who needs to prevent injury, a new study highlight single leg training exercises for promotiong structural knee balance.

Knee dysfunction is often due to a weakness of one of the quadricep muscles, which often leads to other limitations in the hip structure. Research indicated single leg step downs, step ups, squats and hops, combined with exercises to improve pelvic stability are effective at preventing pain and decreasing injury.

This particular exercise (Bulgarian Squat) using a hex bar allows you to lift considerable loads.The hex bar is much more comfortable and stable than using traditional dumbells and thereore allows you to handle increased loads. 


2) Rope Climbs


Grip strength is normally a limiting factor in many beginners when performing exercises such as; deadlifts, dumbbell rows and even hanging knee raises / toes to bar. At SOS Athletic Excellence we recognise this and ensure we program exercises that focus on improving our clients grip strength. A personal favourite of ours is the rope climb. A rope climb is a true reflection on relative strength (your strength for your body weight). Good things happen when the body is challenged to move its entire weight against gravity in a coordinated manner. The rope climb fits into the highest category of neuromuscular activation; it's one of the best 'bang for buck' move. For years, old school coaches have quietly touted rope climbs as a serious arm and grip builder.

Grip plays an importnat role in many sports. Holding on to an opponents shirt in a rugby tackle will increrase tackle efficiency and even a golfer who has a powerful grip will have a more fluid swing because they don't have to grip the club as hard. So if your not doing rope climbs Sam recommends you start. 

3) Hex Bar Floor Press

The floor press is a fantastic exercise. It restricts the use of the leg drive, which often happens when bench pressing. So a floor press ensures a greater emphasis on the pecs, frontal deltoids and triceps. The floor press can be used with a traditional straight bar or in this example a hex bar. It really overloads the triceps far more than a traditional bench press without putting excess strain on the elbows. The hex bar provides greater instability than a traditional bar and a varied grip that places a greater focus on the triceps and stabilisation muscles of the shoulder. Sam enjoys doing this exercise with clients on a 3110 tempo, lowering the weight for 3, pausing for one second at the bottom of the movement and expoding back up. Sam will traditionally do sets of 6 -8 reps focusing on going as heavy as possible to maximise muscle activation.

So there we have it, three fantastic exercises to spice up your gym routine. Get these integrated in to your workouts for greater and faster results.


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