Tips to Gain Muscle For Hard Gainers

Some people find it very hard to add lean muscle mass.

Here are some simple tips to help you succeed if you are struggling with gaining good quality lean muscle:

Tip 1 - Start the day with a liquid meal

Tip 2 - Use the 'ding-ding' time to eat method

Tip 3 - Take power naps daily

Tip 4 - Go on a '150% calorie splurge day' once a week

Tip 5 - Take BCAAs as your new best friend

Tip 6 - Have on hand a secret high-calorie jar

As you can see, these tips are easy to implement and require no exceptional sacrifice. Each tip is extremely effective individually, and if you use them all, you should notice tremendous increase in your training drive and your muscle-building gains.

See image of Rich who we assisted with his 12 week transformation in 2015.

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