Summary of 14 Day Shape Up

Today is day 15 and the first thing on my list is to measure the success of the 'SOS 14 Day Shape Up'. I have really enjoyed the last 14 days and have found the program easy to stick too. The first 5 days eating the three square meals a day was really simple to follow and I found using the Juice Plus+ boosters fantastic, for suppressing appetite and maintaining high energy levels. As a semi prefessional footballer dropping 2.8 kg in the initial 5 days on the plan was beyond my expectations. 2.8 kg is what I expected to loose in the 14 day period, not in the initial 5 days!!


So the plan of: JP+ booster and JP+ shake for breakfast, JP+booster and JP+ Soup for lunch and a healthy balanced evening meal for the initial five days worked wonders. I dropped 2.8 kg in the first 5 days.

The following 9 days was a chance for me to have a go at how intermittent fasting incorporated with the Juice Plus+ products would work. The rules were to fast for 15-16 hours every 24 hours and have a 8-9 hour eating window. During this eating window I would ideally eat three meals at 12 or 1 pm, 4 or 5 pm and 8 or 9 pm. The idea was to eat three larger meals and I'd continue to use the Juice Plus+ shakes, soups and bars to ensure I was getting enough daily calories, nutrients and adequate protein to maintain muscle mass and high energy levels while stripping away the fat.

The results of the first 5 days can be seen below:

Day 1 to Day 5 Front

Day 1 to Day 5 Side

Day 1 to Day 5 Back

The above photos show that, eating three square meals a day certainly works for reducing body fat and weight. 2.8 kg down with considerable decreases in body fat %, as the photos demonstarte.

From Day 5 to Day 14 I experimented with Intermittent fasting following the lean gains approach. As the photos demonstarte I continued to lose body fat throughout the plan. I have learnt a lot on the 'Shape Up', about my own eating habits, my relationships with different food types and the best training to perform for my body type.

For the foreseeable future I will continue to fast until 1 pm every day and aim to eat three large square meals. I hope that this approach will continue to improve my aesthetics. The number one reason why I want to continue, is that I feel much better. I have increased energy and have minimal strength. While on the plan I actually hit several personal bests, expecially with the cardiovascular based activities.

I will continue to experiment with different theories and ideas that I have gained throughout my 'SOS 14 Day Shape Up', to make the program more efficient and effective for all my Personal Trainig clients, Bootcampers and customers. I want to make this program the most convenient, time efficient and cost effective nutrition plan on the planet. So lots of work to be done!!


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