'SOS Partner Workout'

Lots of people attend the gym with a partner and research has shown that training with a partner will make more likely to reach your goals. The benefit of somebody making you accountable for the gym visit helps, plus the added support and motivation. So this blog post is a team workout for you and your training partner. It is a tough one and will take between 25 - 45 minutes depending on the fitness levels of you and your partner.

As you can see from the photo below, it can't be that bad - Justnya was still laughing even at the end. I think she is laughing though, because she did the 100 Bunny Hops and made her partner do the 100 Burpees. Her partner can be seen below :-)

Justnya partner Evan....

Here is the Workout in 'BIG', for those of you who ant to attempt it with your training partner.

If you are unsure of any exercises then you can 'You Tube' them and you will be able to find visual demonstrations.

Feel free to 'Share' and 'Tweet' the Workout to friends.


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