SOS Bootcamp Workout: 'Mat Melting Core'

Cardiff Personal Trainer, Sam O'Sullivan putting the Cardiff SOS Bootcamp guys through a gruelling workout. This workout is called 'Mat Melting Core', due to large abdominal and core focus. The workout features SOS Executive Personal Training client Richy Michaels.

The workout is 20 minutes long and involves maximum rounds of the folowing:
- 12 Over Head Kettlebell Swings
- 12 Burpee to KB High Pull Combo
- 12 Hand Release Press Ups
- 12 Hollow Rocks
- 30 metre Core Melt Mat Drag

This workout is tough, you can see the hard work and committment given by Richy on each exercise to complete just one round.

Aim for 4 - 6 rounds in a 20 minute period and to go as heavy as possible while maintaining sound technique on the Kettlebells. The workout is especially hard on the core with the 'Hollow Rocks' and 'Core Melt Mat Drag' directly targeting the core and abs. However, the abs get zero rest with heavy Over Head swings, Burpees Kettlebell Pulls and Press Ups all involving midline stabilization.

Enjoy and please let us know how many rounds you get by posting to the comments section.


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