'Slabs For Abs' Triset

As a Personal Trainer I have people ask me on a daily basis, what the best exercise for the Abs is. People sometimes find it hard to understand when I say, that there isn't one. It would be impossible to highlight one particular exercise that if done often enough would give you the stomach of your dreams. Getting a defined stomach is a combination of Nutrition and Training. These two things then have a direct relationship with the bodies hormonal balance. It is therefore important that you get your Nutrition and Training correct in order to keep the hormones at optimal levels for best results.

Nutrition is the most important part of looking good, especially around your midline. People often say that Abs are made in the kitchen and to a certain degree this statement is very true. Without eating the correct foods, you will not get your body fat low enough to see the abdominal muscles. This is where the statement 70% Diet and 30% Training comes from.

Nutrition and the importance of it, is a subject for a different day. This blog post is all about Trainig the Abs, keeping the training varied and giving you some inspiration for your core routine.

If you want a lean physique with defined abs on a weekly basis you should be doing Compound movements such as; Deadlifts, Squats, Pull Ups and Power Cleans. These will activate your deep core stabilisation muscles, as well as boosting your metabolism. In my opinion these exercises should always be in your routine and should rarely disapear. Feel free to use variations of each exercise. For Squats for example you could do; Front Squats, Back Squats, Box Squats, Single leg Squats or Overhead Squats - but they are always in your weekly routine. Aim to get better at these movements and your core will develop in strength as you progress.

With your isolated Abs routine the key is to keep it varied. The video demonstrates Marcin a SOS Bootcamp member performing a very challenging Abs routine. The Workout involves:

- 8 Long Lever Crunches with 2 x 12 kg KB's)

- 8 Shoulder Press in Dish POsition (2 x 2 kg kB's)

- 20 sec hold with KB's in Overhead position (2 x 12 KG KB's)

We performed this Triset x 4 with 90 seconds in between each Triset.

You would certainly not do 100 Bench Press in a row if you wanted a ripped chest (well I hope not!!)  so why do 100 crunches? But, people do!!  This workout involves just 8 reps on two exercises and a 20 second core stabilisation hold. As great as this Triset is, it isn't the answer to your stomach problems. Next time do something totally different to keep it challenging. If you keep up the hard work both in the gym and the kitchen it won't be long until you have a stomach to be proud of.

If anyone has any questions post to the comments section on the website and I'll be happy to help.



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