Simple and Effective Quadriceps Workout

Training the lower body is often something that many gym goers hate. The muscle soreness following a solid legs session can often mean that your hobbling about for days on end afterwards. However the benefits on training legs are extraordinary. 

Your legs have the capacity to hold a lot of lean mass which will have a huge positive effect on resting metabolic rate. Training the legs is also proven to release a lot of growth hormone which will have positive effects on muscle growth all over the body. Big movements such as squats will have a cascade effect on the bodies ability to increase strength and enhance lean mass. Lastly training the big lifts such as the squat will train your mind. Going for personal bests in these lifts will lead to large positive results in boosting testosterone levels. 

So the nbenefits of training legs properly are astounding.

However we often see people taking the easier option when training legs, opting to perform leg extensions rather than front squats or the leg press instead of back squats.

If your struggling to put together an effective legs routine, then try this simple leg workout below.

A) Front Squat x 4-6 reps on a 42X0 tempo (180 seconds rest) x 6 sets

B) Back Squat x 6-8 reps on a 50X0 tempo (180 seconds rest) x 4 sets

C)1) Barbell Split Squat x 8-10 reps on a 3110 tempo (30 seconds rest)

C)2) Leg Press x 12-15 reps on a 3110 tempo (60 seconds rest) x 4 sets

The tempo presribed will increase the focus on the quadriceps and maximise time under tension. Why not give this workout a try during your next leg session and watch your gains increase. 

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