Shape Parties

SOS Executive Personal Training will be running in house Shape Parties in the New Year.

We have had fantastic results with our 'SOS 14 Day Shape Up'. I have been receiving emails, phone calls, texts and facebook notifaications from when I get up to when I go to bed. This is brilliant as it proves we have discovered the secret to successful weightloss for all body types. The system has 100% success and the results are truely Amazing. Just take a look at these images below of the results we have been getting in just 14 days!!!




It is our mission at SOS Executive Personal Training Company to 'Inspire Healthy Eating Worldwide and tackle the Obesity Epidemic in the UK'. A SOS Shape Party will be a Fun evening where we can help families or groups of friends with their health, fitness and weight management goals. It is a opportunity for us to share the success of the program with more people on a larger scale. Whether people join the program or not isn't important to us, we just want to make everyonme aware that there is a healthy way to lose weight and keep it off. Plus we get Amazing statisfaction ferom helping people and beong appreciated. Some great testimonials to the program below.



The agenda of the Shape Party will be as follows:

- Welcome with Wine and Soft Drinks (10 minutes)

- 8 Question quiz with a Prize for the Winner (15 minutes)

- Question and Answer  period (15 minutes)

- Product taste and testing (15 minutes)

- Testimonials and Before and After Photos of the Shape Program (10 minutes)

- A chance for people to purchase products or enroll on the Shape Up (15 minutes)




We will incentify the person who is responsible for organising the event. Incentives wil be as follows:


£500 worth of products - Free Personal Training Session (Worth £35)

£750 Worth of Products - Free Personal Training Session and tub of JP+ Complete (Worth £55)

£1,000 Worth of Products - SOS 14 Day Shape Up (Worth £99)

£1,500 Worth of Products - SOS 14 Day Shape UP and Personal Training Session (Worth £134)

£2,000 Worth of Products - Shape Balance Box (Worth £266)


If you would like to organise a Shape Party, then get in touch and we can arrange. Call Sam on: 07789908704




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