Sam's Post Christmas Shape Up

After a fantastic Christmas of not just one or two Christmas Parties, but SIX!! Plus all the socialising with friends and family; December was a heavy month on the booze for myself. This, along with all the rich foods consumed between Christmas and New Year, I started to feet like I'd eaten Santa Claus by January 1st. Turkey sandwiches, turkey curry, pigs in blankets, chocolates, christmas pudding...I must admit I let myself go a little more than usual this year. I could feel it too.Low energy levels, bloated stomach and some constipation. All signs of a poor diet.

It was time to put myself through the '14 Day Shape Up', that I have trialled and tested with over 150 people in the South Wales area. The results with all those who have taken part have been spectacular, I wanted similar results for myself.

But there were to be a few differences...

I was interested in how different types of training and  some intermittent fasting would effect the outcome of my 'Operation Shape Up'  and if I could make the plan even better. I was the guinea pig of my new program and was excited by the results I could achieve.

The types of training I was interested in using throughout the plan to maximise fat loss and aesthetic appearance were:

  1. German Body Composition (GBT)
  2. Hurricane Training
  3. Iron Circuits
  4. CrossFit
  5. Interval Training / Tabata Training

My resistance training plans revolve around GBC, Hurricane Training and Iron Circuit's which are all various forms of high intensity resistance training. I would get my cardiovascular training through intermediate (10 - 15 minute) CrossFit style workouts and Interval or Tabata training. I am 100% against performing any monotonous cardiovascular exercise throughout my Shape Up. If you're unfamiliar with any of the types of training I will be using, I will write down in depth workout routines of what each session involves. You'll soon get the idea.

I do have comittments with football, as I play semi professionally and football training and games will count towards some of my weekly cardiovascular work. I also teach one spin class a week.

I have never ever fasted before, so consulted a lot of Fit Pro's with experience in this area before deciding on how I would include this into my routine. Their advice and guidance was invaluable and has prepared me for what could happen over the next 14 days. I decided on breaking myself into fasting slowly over the 14 day period, by fasting for a little longer on each alternating day.

By fasting for a period, you allow your body to use stored energy in the form of fat. Many of the leading fat loss experts recommend, 16-hour fasts. Intermittent fasting not only reduces body fat but also helps control insulin sensitivity, which can promote long-term fat loss. So the benefits of Intermittent Fasting are clear, I just need to break myself in slowly and aim to work up to the 16 hour fasts and 8 hour eating windows throughout the next 14 day period. Wow, I really do love my food, so this may be a struggle, but I will do my best.

I will write a blog post every single day on exactly what each day consists of. It will include detailed information on all the food that I consume, the training I perform, my sleep, my daily activities plus my mood and energy levels.

Starting the program my statistics are:

Weight - 83.5 kg

Body Fat - 15.8%

All three measurements on my stomach are 85 cm's.

So in 14 Days time there will be a New me...well hopefully.

I shall keep you posted on my success :-)

                 Day 1 and starting out



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