The Rotating Meat and Nuts Breakfast For Optimal Body Composition

One of my favorite teaching axiom on nutrition is: 'The first thing you put in your mouth in the morning...provided it is food...dictates all neurotransmitters for the whole day'.

When people ask me for the best single dietary tip for optimal leanness, energy and sustained mental focus, I invariably tell them to try the rotating meat and nuts breakfast. Clients ranging from NHL & NFL stars to corporate executives rave about the increased mental acuity and focused energy they derive from adopting this food combination. When I work with clients, it is the first meal I get them to change. I get them to start on a Saturday, so that they come up with more excuses than a pregnant Catholic nun for why they could not do it.

To find out the rationale of the Meat and Nuts Workout as recommended by Charles Poliquin click >>> HERE


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