'Quadzilla Workout'

Training the legs on a regular basis at a high intensity in my opinion is the fastest way to strip body fat. I like my clients to squat twice a week for maximum thermogenic and metabolic effect. This will include squats at a start of one weekly session. This session could be a total body resistance workout, a upper body session or a high intensity interval session. I also then like to severely work the legs once per week.

Research has shown that strong man style training produces the highest levels of growth hormone production, which in turn stimulates the greatest amount of fat loss.That is why with this 'Quadzilla Session'  I have included Heavy Back Squats and Heavy Kettlebell Front Squats. When I do these sessions I aim for 130 kg+ on my Back Squat and 2 x 32 kg Kettlebells on my front squats. I consider the squat the king of exercises because it gives the most bang for the buck to athletes and trainees who are working to largely improve strength qualities and body composition. This is why I recommend both variations in this program.

The workout can be seen below. Why not try incorporating this into your weekly regime once a week. Go s heavy as possible on all exercises maintaining solid form to maximise results.


'Quadzilla Workout'

- 6 x Heavy Back Squat

- 12 x Bum to Box Jump

30 seconds rest

- 6 x Kettlebell Front Squat

- 12 x Overhead Barbell Lunge

30 seconds rest

- 45 x Leg Press

Rest for 2 minutes and repeat x 4



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