Poliquin Supplements Now Being Sold

We are pleased to announce that at SOS Athletic Excellence we will now be stocking the pre, intra and post workout products from the Poliquin store.
The three main products are Thrive, Incite and Rise. All of these are liquid drinks to be taken around the workout. These products will help maximiuse workouts.
Thrive is composed of nutrients that support the body’s ability to adapt to the biochemical requirements necessary for increased recovery and adaptation postworkout regimen or exercise program. Thrive promotes muscle protein recovery and synthesis by using 3 nutritional supporters of protein anabolism - essential amino acids, BCAAs and whey protein. Thrive also contains electrolytes that support post workout microcirculatory requirements and pH alkalization for optimal recovery and reconditioning, helping to support micro vascular function and reduce gastrointestinal concerns that may occur after a strenuous training/exercise session.
Incite contains specific nutrients to prepare your body's biochemistry for the demands of intense training. This formula will help improve and sustain your energy, decrease oxidative stress, improve focus, increase hydration and electrolyte balance, maintain proper pH levels, and provide essential micronutrients.
Rise is composed of nutrients that support the body's ability to adapt to the biochemical requirements necessary for increased performance during a workout regimen or exercise program. Rise promotes hydration, nutrient balance, protein anabolism, and pH balance, all necessary to maintain focus and sustained energy levels, especially for intense training, but can also benefit those participating in moderate exercise.
All of these products will be available off the SOS Athletic Excellence website from our store. You can access our store Here >>>> SOS Athletic Excellence Store


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