A Perfect Finisher For Any Fat Loss Workout

Training plays a critical role in optimising 'fat loss'. At SOS we are huge fans of varied forms of high intensity training, but we have one particular favourite. You here many other fitness pro's going on about H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training), we agree that this is fantastic for fat loss. 


We 100% believe we have found a far greater way to maximise fat loss during workouts. After 3-4 of our sessions a week we perform 'Finishers'. These 'Finishers' in order to be effective must be:

- Maximum Effort

- High Intensity

- Include Total Body Movements

- Last a maximum of 12 minutes

These sessions are therefore pretty intense, but will maximise results in minimal time. At SOS we use hundreds of different 'Finishers' using all varied types of kit. Here is a example of one below where Sam is on the pain train for a little short of 7 minutes. Why not try a 'Finisher' such as this at the end of your next gym session?

This 'Finisher' Workout includes:

Three Rounds as Fast As POssible of:

-10 x DBL KB swings

-10 x DBL KB Snatch

-10 x DBL KB Lunges (5 each leg)

-10 x King Kongs

- 5 Burpees


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