Next Dates For Body Composition Weekend

The dates for the next SOS Athletic Excellence Body Composition Weekend have been announced.

The weekend will run on the bank holiday weekend of Saturday 28th, Sunday 29th and Monday 30th May 2016.

This weekend will involve teaching all attendees for advanced muscle building techniques including:

- Drop sets

- Rest pause method

- How to use partial reps effectively

- Eccentric loading methods for muscle gains

- Accentuated Eccentrics

- Tabata for 

We will also cover advanced strength methods which will include:

- Accomodating resistance using bands and chains

- Slow eccentric training for strength

- Isometric holds

- The magic number of reps to get better at an exercise

We will teach you how to manipulate your nutrition and how to tweak it to maximise; fatloss, hypertrophy or strength gains.

You will also learn about the best supplements to maximise workouts for each of these different goals.

To sign up to this three day event click HERE >>> 'SOS BODY COMPOSITION WEEKEND'



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