Lower Body Maximum Effort Session Example

Hi Sam here!! Hope your alll having a great day. At SOS Personal Training and within our gym facility (SOS Athletic Excellence), we regularly get asked about session structure. As a keen athlete myself structuring my sessions in a way to maximise the benefits is critical. I have always advised my clients to train optimally rather than maximally and I'm a great believer in doing the correct type of training at the correct intensity. I also believe session innetsity should vary with high volume, lower volume, moderate intensity and maximal intensity work all crossing during a training week.

Below you can see a session that I have conducted on a Max Effort Lower Body Day. This session is high intensity and moderate volume. I normally do this session on a Monday. My training program goals at the moment are to increase speed of acceleration for my sport - football!! I am seeing huge benefits from following the conjutive method, developed by Westside Barbell in the USA. I am seeing benefits in my own training and with my athletes. Westside advise one session a week in a weeekly training program with the focus of Max Effort Lower Body. It works!!

I will upload some examples of other training sessions over the next few days to give you an insight into what a weeks training will look like. I hope this blog post gives you some ideas and add some value to your training.


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