Landmine Fat Loss Workout

"German Body Composition" or GBC for short involves training with short rest periods to enhance the production of lactate. This increase in lactate leads to dramatic increases in Growth Hormone, thus resulting in very significant losses of body fat.

The traditional GBC set up involves pairing Quad with Back and Hamstrings with Pecs or Shoulders.

You can use GBC in a superset fashion such as:

A1) Quad Exercise

A2) Back Exercise

B1) Hamstring Exercise

B2) Pec or Shoulder Exercise

Alternatively you could use a giant set format using all these major exercises in an A1-A4 set up

This is the approach we have used for the set up in todays workout and we have added a core exercise as A5 to really make this a full body workout.

You can watch the video for the full workout and full exercise demonstrations below.

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