When your goal is to lose body fat you should be aiming to improve your body's insulin sensitivity.

By increasing your insulin sensitivity your muscles are primed to absorb the carbohydrates in your diet and partition them into muscle tissue in the form of glycogen. 

When you eat your body secretes insulin to store excess carbohydrates and balance your blood sugar levels. The more sensitive you are to insulin the less the body has to produce, and by keeping insulin levels low enough your body is able to release fatty acids to be burnt for energy. 

If you have been bombarding your body with high-glycemic carbohydrates and processed foods, your body will be somewhat resistant to the effects of insulin.

Tips to increase insulin sensitivity:

- Performing intense exercise (Heavy resistance training/HIIT sessions etc)
- Adjust your carbohydrate intake relative to your training output.
- Reduce inflammation by increasing your intake of omega 3 fats.
- Eliminate trans fats from your diet (No more krispy kreme doughnuts)


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