How to Structure a Full Gym Session?

Lots of people ask me how they should structure a workout for maximum Fat Loss. Fat Loss is predominantly to do with Nutrition, but from a exercise point of view following a warm up a ideal session should include:

- Total Body / Multi Joint Exercises that are performed with a Challenging weight

- Strength Based Exercises that hit the Big Muscles to Maximise elevated Metabolic Effect following the session

- Exercises that push you to Fatigue and that can be monitored

-  A Metabolic Workout that burns calories, increases heart rate and leaves you with whats known as E.P.O.C (Excess Post Oxygen Consumption). So this is intense exercise!!


Rather than talk to you about how you can do all of these things, I figured just giving you a example of one of our SOS Bootcamp Workouts would do this for you.

There are four parts to this workout and I think that it's very important that training sessions are not just about sweating, getting out of breath and burning calories. If thats the only way you train it will not be long before you hit a plateau with your Health, Fitness and Body Shape goals. Strength based exercises are critical for adding lean mass which will in effect boost metabolism and help you burn more body fat.

Here is the session:

1) Farmers Walks - This is a Fantastic  'Strong Man' exercise and it was great to see some of the girls carrrying 2 x 32 kg Kettlebells for over 40 metres during this session at SOS Bootcamp.

2) 30 Rep Max OH Swing - The Personal Best for girls was a 20 kg with a few girls just falling short with their attempt of 24 kg. A few of the gentleman managed 32 kg, but didn't attempt the 40 kg kettlebell we have available.

3) 6 Rep Max KB Squat with 2 x Bells in Rack Position -  A few of the girls managed 2 x 20 kg Kettlebells during this session, Andrew Ford managed 6 reps with the 2 x 32 kg Kettlebells. Great work!!

4) Metabolic Workout - The best for this was 11 rounds in 15 minutes which was a unbelievable effort from one of the girls -  Hannah Fisher. How do you caompare?

Here ia a larger image of the workout for those of you that would like to compare your scores to those of the members of 'SOS Bootcamp Cardiff'.

Exercise Description

Goblet Squats - Squat holding one kettlebell in front of you with two hands

Squat Jacks - A star Jump where you sqyuat when your feet land in wide position

OH Swings - Kettlebell Swing performed Over Head

Press Ups - You all know this right?

Box Jumps - At SOS Bootcamp we stagger a RBK deck and jump on and off this way. If you prefer to jump onto the box forwards and off backwards thats cool.

Its always good to make a note of your performances during Workouts. Remember 'What Gets Measured Gets Managed and What Gets Managed Gets Results'. Every now and again we get members to record their scores for workouts. This allows boootcampers to compare their strengths and weaknesses against others. Its healthy competition that brings the best out of everyone. I recommend you buy a training diary if your serious about improving your fitness levels.


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