How Gymnastics Exercises Will Tone Your Abs


Achieve 6 Pack Abs and a flat toned stomach by challenging your core with Gymnastics exercises. Gymnastics exercises have been around for years and are highly regarded as the best exercises to tone, sculpt and strengthen the stomach muscles. Gymnasts are renowned for their aesthetically pleasing physiques and posture.
Want sculpting Abs, strong posture and low body fat just like a gymnast, if so try this workout!! This workout puts three gymnastics exercises and a ViPR exercise together in a short Metabolic Circuit that will raise the heart rate challenge the upper body and the core. If this workout is too Adanced work on each of the exercises individually, before putting the four exercises in a row.
The Workout involves: 5 Handstand Press Ups, 10 Tricep Dip to Leg Raise on the Gymnaastic Rings, 20 Hollow Rocks and 20 ViPR Abdominal Rows. Perform the Workout before resting for two minutes before repeating three times.
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