How Getting in Shape is a lot like Driving a 3 Wheel Van


When training clients it is often the simplest of explanations, that gets clients to understand what, how and when they need to do things. The what, when and how can relate to Training, Nutrition and Rest.
When explained scientifically this can often confuse people and absolutely nothing gets achieved. I use a three wheel Van story where each wheel signifies an important aspect of achieving these goals.
  • Wheel 1 – Nutrition
  • Wheel 2 – Training
  • Wheel 3 - Recovery
Each wheel on a 3 wheeled van is equally important in order for you to drive to a required destination. Exactly the same is the case with achieving your health, fitness and wellbeing goals; balance must be achieved in terms of Nutrition, Training and Recovery.


This could be having a personal training session with a proven Personal Trainer, attending a Boot Camp session or running on a treadmill trying to break a Personal best. You must train with a proven objective and focus!! Simply attending the Gym, unfortunately doesn’t count….You have to train hard and smart.


As beneficial and important training is; by not taking into account your nutrition; your results in terms of fitness and body shape will be extremely small. Likewise if you’re only concentrating on food, again you’re going to limit your achievements. Doing both is the quickest and most effective way to achieve your goals.


‘Nutrition is King, Exercise is Queen; put it together and you have a Kingdom’
Although the above is true in many respects it doesn’t take into account Recovery, which is equally important. The best form of recovery is to rest. Your body actually gets fitter, stronger and changes shape while you rest - How cool is that?
Now that’s not to say that you can get fit by sitting in front of the television for 4 hours a day, you need to earn your rest.Without adequate rest your cortisol levels will rise, this will increase stress. Stress is one key factors that can affect weight loss. Not enough rest can also lead to over training; which can cause illness and injury.
The best form of rest is sleep, so aim for a minimum of eight hours each night.
Your recovery is also linked to your health. The healthier you are the faster you will recover and repair. Health is linked to your lifestyle, which brings us back full circle to Training and Nutrition. That’s why this simple explanation of using a three wheel van takes into account a whole host of factors.
  • Training
  • Nutrition
  • Recovery
So what happens if we don’t get the balance right….
Too much training and we will burn ourselves out and break down
If the Nutrition isn’t correct we will not have the fuel for training or the correct foods to recover and repair….again we break down.
If we don’t recover and repair we are not at the optimal level to train; which can put oxidative stress on our bodies. This can cause illness and injury.
So make sure you get that balance with your training, nutrition and recovery just right to ensure your journey towards a healthier, fitter and better looking you runs as smoothly as possible. You need to concentrate on each of the three separate wheels equally. Having a flat tyre on your three wheel van, will undoubtedly mean you won’t get very far, the same applies to you travelling towards your Health, Fitness and Well-being goals.


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