How the Concept 2 Rower Can Boost Golf Performance


At 'SOS Athletic Excellence' we have brand new concept 2 machines. Did you know the concept 2 rowing machine could be integrated into a 'Golf Specific' workout?

Watch the video above to find out how. The workout will improve the athlete and encourage strong rotational movements that are extremely similar to that of a golf swing. A strong core is also fundamental to alleviating back pain and reducing the chances of many common injuries in golf.

Lots of people believe that golf is just a technical sport and that is not the case. The best golfers in the modern game are athletes. More strength and Power will mean longer drives off the tee which gives stronger golfers a huge advantage.

We will continue to update the blog with a series of golf specific gym workouts over the next few weeks. If you'd like to come in and try this workout with a strength and conditioning coach then let us know.


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