Have You Eaten any Yoga Mats Recently...You Sure?

This email is going to shock you!! So be prepared...
Did you know that the stuff they use to make yoga mats go puffy is used as a key ingredient in many fast food stores.
Yes, you heard me...
The ingredient is called azodicarbonamide . It's a toxin they use in order to make yoga mats and shoe soles and it has been found in the bread used in Subway and McDonalds - yuck!!!
This is a absolute disgrace!!! 
Worst thing is we eat this stuff and think it's okay as a occasional treat.
Even worse...
We sometimes feed our children this too.
It's disgusting really especially when these companies pay Olympic athletes to market their products and potray a healthy image.
It's also not the first time something like this has been found.
Titanium dioxide which is used in order to make golf balls travel faster has also been found in many microwavable meals.
Aspartame that is linked to cancer and several degenerative diseases is in 90% of our fizzy drinks that claim to be sugar free.
Many synthetic supplements also contain artificial sugars, emulsifiers and toxins.
So there is no escaping the nasty chemicals that are filtering into our food.
We really do need to start taking responsibility for what we eat and what we feed our families.
Van Hari the activist blogger who takes credit for the removal of yellow dyes in other fast food stores.
Hari said. "I'd like to note that current Subway sandwiches still have this ingredient, and urge everyone not to eat their sandwich bread until they have finally removed the chemical."
Hari said she was shocked to find azodiacarbonamide, a plastic-based additive, on Subways' food labeling.
The World Health Organisation has linked this chemical additive to respiratory issues, allergies and asthma.
"It helps ... produce the air within the foam of a yoga mat," said Hari. "It does the same thing for bread."  - How scary is this?
So this is what you need to do guys...
When you look at the ingredients in any food, if you can't spell it or pronounce it, you probably shouldn't eat it. It really does have to be this simple. Go back to basics and aim to eat as natural as possible.
As a gym owner I am committed to helping as many people locally and globally find fantastic health, wellbeing and vitality.
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Healthy Thanks
Sam :-)                               


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