Hardstyle Kettlebell Workshop

Thanks for purchasing access to the Hardstyle Kettlebell Workshop. 

The workshop will be held at: SOS Athletic Excellence Gym, Lamby Way, Cardiff, CF3 2EQ on Friday 3rd of October 2014.

The workshop is 11 am - 2 pm. Please arrive at 10.30 am to register.

To maximise your benefits from the workshop please watch the folloing video on breathing during hardstyle kettlebell training. If you watch this prior to the workshop it will allow more time for practical on the day: http://www.commando-training.com/#!Breathing-And-The-Pelvic-Floor/c1f3i/CCC6B4EF-A77E-4A90-810E-4A0E983120F3

We look forward to seeing you at the Workshop!!

Phil McDoughall and Sam O'Sullivan




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