Get Those Abs From Flab to Fab with this Workout


A fantastic way to improve muscular definition through the stomach, is to ensure that all exercises that are performed in the gym require core strength and stability. A simple way to do this would be to ensure that Olympic lifts such as Squats, Deadlifts, Millitary Presses are used insead of fixed machines such as the Leg press, Leg curl and Shoulder press. You get far more 'Bang for your Buck', with compound or Olympic lifts.
So next time your in the gym, avoid the fixed machines in favour of a barbell or pair of Dumbells for your resistance and strength exercises. These exercises will have a greater positive impact on: Strength, Posture, Muscle recruitment and your Metabolic rate following the session.
Increasing your heart rate is also important in boosting the metabolism and burning fat. The above workout would be a perfect core circuit to be performed after several Olympic lifts, as it does exactly this. Combining exercises in a row, in a circuit like fashion is a great way to increase heart rate. You could incorporate three rounds of the 'Abs from Flab to Fab Workout', into your workout routine as follows:
Why not try this routine, next time at the gym? Following workouts like these and eating a healthy balanced diet to suite your training goals is a 100% sure way to guarantee results!!
Warm Up
  • Total Body Foam Roling
  • 1,000 metre Row
  • 3 x 12 Reps of Squats, Lunges, Press Ups + TRX Rows
Superset One
  • Barbell Squats +  Standing Millitary Press
Superset Two
  • Deadlifts + Bent Over Barbell Row
Superset Three
  • Pull Ups + Walking Lunges
  • 'Abs from Flab to Fab Workout' x 3 sets
HIIT Training
  • 1 minute Run: 30 seconds rest x 6
Cool Down
  • 5 minute Walk
  • Powerplate Massage


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