Functional Therapy + Chiropractic Care Package

10 Week Functional Therapy and Mobility Package


  • 10 Group based Functional Therapy sessions with Chiropractor and Functional Therapist
  • 1:1 45 minute Functional Therapy Session
  • 1:1 Chiropractor consultation and analysis 

Sports Therapist and Personal Trainer

Sam O'Sullivan


Steve Osborne

Sam and Steve have teamed up together to provide the UK's first Functional Therapy Group based sessions. These sessions have been instructred using Functional Therapy and Chiropractic care techniques / tests to maximise member experience and results.

Sam and Steve are both high in demand. Sam regularly does 35 - 40 Personal Training sessions per week utilising the Functional Therapy based techniques he has learned from dozens of courses. Steve consistently see's over 100 patients per week and has built a massive chiropractic business based on the continued referrals he receives. Steve has a tremendous after care approach to chiropractic care and often ensures all his patients leave with a mobility and exercise program to ensure continued success. Between Sam and Steve you can guarantee answers to your problems and progressions to your goals. Both incorporate a hollistic approach to pain and discomfort. The pair bounce off each other well, with both having different approaches and techniques.

The sessions are for everybody and anybody. If you are looking to improve mobility, flexibility and performance of simple tasks such as sitting and standing or more complex sports specific tasks - We can help!!

Functional therapy is cutting edge movement and manual therapy that incorporates high level of unique skills. It has a proven track record of success of first rate results of working with injuries. Functional therapy closely monitors movement sequences often diagnosing the 'cause of the cause' of injuries or pain.

Functional therapy sesions are fantastic and allow people to exercise and workout in a constructive manner to increase mobility, core stability and strength all while currently injured. Our highly skilled trainers can simply get you moving in a way to increase motion that will have a positive effect on current injuries and boost recovery. It will also develop your capability to avoid secondary injuries caused by the initial trauma.

For more information on Functional Therapy watch the following video:

The 10 week course will involve access to weekly sessions. These sessions will take place at Fitness First, Cardiff East at the following times:

Monday 9 am - 10 am

Friday 4.30 pm - 5.30 pm

Saturday 11.30 am - 12.30 pm

You can book in your Chiropractic consultation and Functional Therapy session at a time to suite you along the 10 week course at a time of your convenience.

Each group based session will have a particular goal and objective. We will then spend that session incorporating chiropractic knowledge and Functional Therapy to enhance the performance objective. Therefore where ever you start the sessions you will be able to attend and see improvements for that particular session. The structure of the sessions have been outlined  below. All sessions will include; a assessment, warm up, self massage techniques, static stretching, functional movement patterns including a workout followed by a reassessment to monitor the improvements made in that particular session.

  • Week 1 (commencing 16th April): Lower Body Mobility - The Squat
  • Week 2 (commencing 23rd April):  Recap on Lower Limb Mobility - The Lunge
  • Week 3 (commencing 30th April): Single leg Balance + Proprioception Enhancement
  • Week 4 (commencing 7th May): Upper Body Mobility - The Overhead Squat
  • Week 5 (commencing 14th May): Transverse Plane Movements - Side Lunge
  • Week 6 (commencing 21st May): Core Strength and Stabilisation
  • Week 7 (commencing 28th May): Nutrition and Inflammation
  • Week 8 (commencing 4th June): Shoulder Mobility and the Rotator Cuff
  • Week 9 (commencing 11th June): Rotational Mobility
  • Week 10 (commencing 18th June): Functional Therapy Workout
  • The second 10 Week Course will commence on July 2nd 2012

(The Total Value of the above Package is £250 and is available for just £199 by contacting Sam on: 07789908704)


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