'Flab to Fab Ab Workout'

With Summer almost here I have been swamped with people asking for Core Worlouts or Abdominal routines. This routine will certainly challenge you. Its based on four exercises performed as a Quadriset with 30 seconds in between each exercise. These four exercises hit all aspects of the a Abs with exercises targeting the Upper Abs, Lower Abs and deep core stabilisation muscles. We did this routine in Tenerife last year and you can see the positive effect it had on the boys from the photo above.

Here is the workout:

If you are unsure what exercise the 'L Sit Hold' is then chech out the video below. The 'L Sit Hold' is a Isometric exercise, so you just must aim to hold the position still with little / no movement. It is therefore similar to a dish position or a plank, but far more intense.


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